Come and learn the Way of the Rope in person with guidance and community. 

If you are interested in creating a Way of the Rope workshop at your studio, please email

Way of the Rope workshop

Way of the Rope Workshop Schedule

Midlands Workshop
15th November, 2020
12pm  |  3pm
Crossfit Mercia 
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Bristol Workshop
28th November, 2020
12pm | 3pm
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London Workshop
29nd November, 2020
10am  |  12:30pm  |  2:30pm
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The Outside Edge

Feet are the bridge between our body and the Earth. They may just need to be the strongest link in the chain and yet for many of us due to modern comforts they have become the weakest. This is a course designed to stabilise, strengthen, realign and re-tension humans at our very foundations.

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The Outside Edge