Who am I...

Hi, my name is Tim Shieff. I was born in Connecticut, USA in 1988 but moved to Derby, England in 1990 which is where I grew up. Ever since I was young I was always passionate about finding creative ways to move my body. My parents say I was upside down more then on my feet, which led me to take up Breakdancing in my early teens followed by a professional career in Parkour throughout my 20s. During which I also competed in Ninja Warrior all around the world.


In my late 20's I suffered with some chronic injuries which along with a lot of soul searching also led me to question and explore biomechanics in order to understand in greater depth how the human body was designed to function and move. In 2018 this led me to find David Wecks work and his discovery/invention, Rope Flow!

The journey so far!

In October of 2018 I spent several weeks with David Weck staying at his home in San Diego during which I fell in love with Rope Flow. In the first 5 minutes of picking it up it gave me one of the greatest 'A-ha' 💡 moments of my life when I experienced these slightly alien but somehow natural feeling patterns of movement.

As I learnt to move around the rope not only was it teaching my arms and spine co-ordination & rhythm but also my feet how to dance and shift balance between sides in an efficient, effortless and fun way. Not to mention how alive my brain felt after a session too.

Well after several years of my developing my own practice with the Rope, and with Davids blessing, in 2020 I launched 'Way of the Rope' and dedicated my life to spread this beautiful movement to more people throughout the world!

Which is how/why I created what I feel is the best method to learn Rope Flow online - with my 8-Weeks to Fluidity Course.

"Low tech equipment = high tech body."

- Paraphrasing of Ido Portals "low tech shoes = hi-tech feet."

Our values - Planet, people, product.

Being in business shouldn't cost the earth, so we strive to produce the most ethical Rope Flow ropes available worldwide. All of our ropes are produced from recycled material (which doesn't impact quality or durability). And they are all personally hand cut, sealed and tied by me and Ed at my home in Derby where we package them in biodegradable packaging.

We also aim to look after the customer and put people before profits, so if you are wanting to try Rope Flow but are from a low-income household or financially challenged in anyway don't hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a price that is fair for your current situation.We

Thanks for reading!