I've done my best to collate and answer the most common questions I get about Rope Flow and our business below.



Where to Start?

Quite simply I feel the best place to begin for 95% or people is with our Golden Teacher Rope and using our 8-Weeks to Fluidity Course. 

Can anyone do it?

"I'm not fit.. I have bad knees.. I'm 70 years old.. etc. can I do Rope Flow?" 

Rope flow is for anyone who would feel comfortable swinging a piece of rope and moving their spine just a little bit.

It is low impact, we never ask you to jump over the rope and most of the basic patterns can be done standing on the spot.

If you have shoulder issues or doubts then it may be best to start with our lighter Rope – PICCOLO

Can it help my health?

I do not make any promises about how Rope Flow can help you as I believe the most important work we can do for our health and well being is emotional processing (recommended viewing for this is Divine Truth on Youtube).

But I do believe we should use and more our bodies in a loving, holistic and  wholesome way frequently, and I think Rope Flow meets that criteria quite well.

Heres a video on citing some of the ways I do think it can help though: 5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF ROPE FLOW

Common Mistakes

Here is a video on some Common Mistakes Beginners Make


Can I just use any old Rope?

You can try the basic patterns with anything; a shoelace, towel, dressing gown belt and get a feel for how it mobilises our spine in a unique way.

The difference with a Rope Flow specific Rope is that they have been chose for their weight, thickness and durability, in order to get the most out of this practise. You can certainly have a play with a cheap hardware rope to see if you might like the practise but once you try a pro-rope you would have a hard time going back.

Where are yours made?

Our rope is manufactured in Europe and then hand cut, tied and packaged by Tim (me) & Ed in the village of Willington near Derby in England.

Whats the difference in Ropes?

Though the ropes are only subtly different in weight and diameter together this makes a big difference to how they feel. 10 seconds of rolling with each you can soon feel what each one does differently.

Piccolo is light and thinner so rolls faster and is more forgiving of mistakes so it is great for going fast, getting into a flow state or to play with fancy footwork (my personal favourite).

Coeur De Lion (named after Richard the Lionheart's sword) is the other end of our spectrum and much heavier and thicker. It is more of a battle to roll with and demands more engagement throughout the body, core and muscles as well as adding more cardio to the practice.

Golden Teacher sits right in the middle and is the best all round Rope to train with.

Rope Weights?

PICCOLO is roughly 0.35kg (0.8lbs) and is 10mm in Ø   

GOLDEN TEACHER 0.45kg (1lb) 12mm in Ø 

COEUR DE LION 0.55kg (1.2lb) 14mm in Ø 

ROPE OF FAITH 0.25kg (0.6lbs) 10mm in Ø

Setting the Correct Rope Length

If put one foot in the middle of the Rope and lift both handles you want them to come up roughly halfway between your nipples and your belly button. In the beginning you may want it higher but as you get better (and whip less and rotate more) you will prefer it on the shorter side of this spectrum. So dont worry too much if in the beginning if it feels short, give it a few weeks and it may end up just right for you.

If possible you want the rope to just skim the floor with the least amount of effort possible or reach to do so but not so much that it slows momentum of the swing. In the beginning just focus on mastering the patterns using your arms and spine and this subtlety will become much more obvious later on.

Shortening the Rope?

Shortening the Rope is easy, you simply tie knots in it.

Each knot you tie will take roughly 4-6 inches of length out of the rope (depending on the thickness of the rope). You want to tie them roughly 4-6 inches below the handle. It's perfect ok to have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more knots in the rope just spread them evenly and keep them relatively close to the handles.

You can also get more out of each knot if you make it a figure of 8 knot like THIS

Lengthening the Rope?

What if the rope feels too short? In most cases if you are around 6'2"ish or below you shouldn't need to lengthen your rope, you should just practice and as you get better your arms will slowly start to relax and drop and you will find the floor. 

If you are taller or this still feels like it might be an issue one option is to untie the handles and re-ty them with one less knuckle in then before, it really shouldnt affect the rolling much.

Or you can email me and I may be able to make a bespoke extra long one for you (depending on timing of when I prepare ropes).


What Courses do you offer?

Our main course is the 8-weeks to Fluidity Course. You can see more about that on it's page.

We also have a workouts course (which comes included with the Coeur De Lion Rope) which is 11 unique workouts for functional training, different body parts, sports, cardio etc. 

Our Coaches Course is for anyone who is passionate about Rope Flow and just wants to dive deeper into understanding it. Looking more into the what, how and whys of the practice with more techniques, tips and tricks to further your knowledge and embodiment.

How long do I have to access?

All our courses you may have lifetime access too.

The only exception is that with our 8-weeks to Fluidity Course you may get limited time to access the app (about 6months) as we have to pay per user per month. But should you want further access to it you can have access to all the material that is taught through the app in a PDF form or you can pay a small fee to add extra time to your app access.


We ship Worldwide.

Usually dispatched within 24 hours.

UK est. 24-48 hrs delivery

Europe est. 7-14 days delivery

Rest of the World est. 14-21 days delivery 

These are estimates, it can be quicker or take longer.

We use a shipping fulfilment company based in Bristol (England) called Huboo. I wanted to work with a company that felt like the best fit for us and felt these guys were it. I went to visit them so see how they work and made video about it which can be seen HERE


If there's any questions you feel we missed or you would like answered please don't hesitate to contact us via email iam@wayoftherope.com

Thanks for your time in reading,



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