School of Biomechanics


Currently it takes you through 3 Modules over 6 Months of what I believe to be the 3 pillars of Human Movement: Stability, Fluidity & Strength. Each module building upon the last.

It begins the moment you join and comes complete with Video Tutorials, Session Plans and Weekly Live Chats to go over any questions about the material and classes delivered and give coaching feedback.


It is ran on a web based platform where there is a bubbling community of 100+ all going through the content together talking together, asking questions, sharing ideas etc.


Module 1: Swiss ball (preferably 55cm)

Module 2: Light (6-8kg) Kettlebell and a Rope

Module 3: Lightweight Dumbbells 1-2kg & your mind/will.


It is ran on a monthly subscription at £25 per month you can join, pause or leave at anytime and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with what you are learning. 

If you are financially challenged right now but really want to join please just email me.

If you would like to join us you can sign up following THIS LINK


If have any other questions please email me with the subject "SOB Question".

Perhaps I'll see you there,





The Outside Edge

Feet are the bridge between our body and the Earth. They may just need to be the strongest link in the chain and yet for many of us due to modern comforts they have become the weakest. This is a course designed to stabilise, strengthen, realign and re-tension humans at our very foundations.

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