8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners
8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners
8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners
8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners
8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners
8-WEEKS TO FLUIDITY – Rope Flow Beginners

Rope Flow Beginners



Rope Flow Beginners





Would you like to feel and move better?

Welcome to an entirely unique rite-of-passage practise I believe all Humans should try if they want to walk, run, move and play with a little more ease, grace & joy!

The Rope is like a magnifying glass on our movement patterns and shows us where we are not co-ordinated. The beauty of this tool is that part of the solution is in the diagnosis, as it teaches us more positive harmonious patterns of human movement as we continue to Flow with it!

8-Weeks to Fluidity takes you through the 3-Stages of Development that I believe to be the KEY to fast Rope Flow progress.

In this course you will learn..

  • How to mobilise your Spine with the Figure-8 Infinity Pattern (Stage 1)
  • How movement/energy spirals out from the Spine/Core down the Arms (Stage 2).
  • How the to connect/sequence the Legs with the Upper Body (Stage 3).
  • 20+ Unique Rope Flow Patterns.
  • How to move with more poise and balance.
  • How to move with more co-ordination, fluid ease and efficiency.

Who am I?

I'm Timothy Shieff, an athlete (Freerunner and Ninja Warrior) turned biomechanics and human movement specialist based in England.

I first learnt this practise from David Weck in 2019 in San Diego and when I felt what the Rope was doing for my understanding of movement it was one of the greatest 'A-ha' epiphanies of my life . Since then I have spent countless hours cultivating my own practise, deepening my understanding and developing the best ways to share it.

If you will join me then I hope to give you this experience for yourself!

You will get..

  • 8-Weeks of unique programming.
  • Lifetime access to the material.
  • 1-year online app access (can be extended upon request).
  • Goals to achieve at the end of each Stage.
  • A Golden Teacher Rope (if you've selected 'With Rope').
  • Me as your coach.

Whats expected of you?

  • Only 15-30 minutes per day.
  • 3+ days per week
  • Good attitude to learn.


What others are saying..

"I had debated about buying the course for a while and when it went on sale I decided to go for it. Best thing I have ever done. The rope is of such a good quality and the course is easy to use and understand... It's great for mobilising my spine and I find it very therapeutic for my mind as well. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks so much." – Danielle W

"This course is exactly what I needed to start mastering the rope. We all know that practice is the key, yet , at least for me, it has been hard to know how long and what to practice so having a structured practice time has been key in my progression." – Lizette P

"I have been using the rope every day since it arrived and now can't imagine a day without it! It has helped my overall posture and mobility immensely, and eradicated back pain that I had prior to using the rope. Really happy with the rope and with the learning resources that came with it. I'm enjoying learning new patterns and also playing around with the 3 fundamentals that are in the video guide. Thank you Tim!" – Amy S


Patterns Included

Foundations: Underhand, Overhand, Dragon Roll and how to transition between.

Arms:  Matador, Sneak (overhand & underhand), Hanumans Dance (Tandem Sneak), Milly Rock, Ace, Home Run, Cheetahs Tail.

Footwork: Double Dragon, Sneak Matrix, Sprinter Sneak.

Can I just use any old Rope?

You can try the basic patterns with anything; a shoelace, towel, dressing gown belt and get a feel for how it mobilises our spine in a unique way.

The difference with a Rope Flow specific Rope is that they have been chose for their weight, thickness and durability, in order to get the most out of this practise. You can certainly have a play with a cheap hardware rope to see if you might like the practise but once you try a pro-rope you would have a hard time going back.


*International orders may incur additional customs charges upon arrival.


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