Collection: Ropes

These are simple, high-quality, double-braided ropes in a variety of weights for different modes of training. Each come hand-tied and sealed.

It is recommended to start with a medium (Golden Teacher) or light (Piccolo) rope when beginning to learn, depending on your size/preference.

As you progress, you'll find the uses for multiple rope weights.

Golden Teacher and Coeur de Lion ropes each include a course with purchase.


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Adore this essential piece of kit!

The Golden teacher and Tim’s courses are teaching me a great deal about the physicality if my body.. it’s helping with flexibility back pain and a while lot more. I am so excited to have found such an accessible tool to use along my fitness/healing journey. Love that Tim has handcrafted these with mindfulness and love.. can not recommend highly enough.. buy one you won’t regret it!

Rebecca S

What people have to say