STABLE – Stability course
STABLE – Stability course
STABLE – Stability course

Stability course



Stability course




Would you like to feel more strong and able?

Well in my eyes stability is a type of strength. One that creates a feeling of security in our bodies that allows for more freedom in how we use it.

STABLE is a course compiled of all the best ways I have found to use a Swiss/Stability Ball in order to develop (or re-develop) stability into the human body.


  • 4-Weeks of Programming
  • 20 Videos: 12 position tutorials, Real-time follow alongs, key advice etc.
  • A set of goals to aim for.
  • How to target each area of the body: shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, spine, lower back, core etc.
  • All delivered in a PDF.
  • Lifetime Access.
  • Greater sense of security in your body.
  • Enjoyment!


  • A Swiss Ball (55 or 65cm recommended).
  • 15-30min 3-5x per week.
  • Space.
  • Focus.
  • A little patience.


Health is priceless, and cost is a relative thing that doesn't denote value. 

With that in mind I have set a pay-what-you-feel scale of payment where I entrust in you the consumer and fellow human to pay-what-you-feel is fair to your situation. If you are unsure and earn a normal living wage then there is a suggested price of £20.

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