As I turned 50 I was given the gift of a frozen shoulder. It came to show me the damage I had done to my body by not moving. The first step in my physical journey was yoga, And as I became a daily practitioner of Iyengar yoga, I  received another gift -- I pulled an adductor. This gift came to show me that I lacked strength; and thus, as hard as it was, I conquered all my fears and at 55 I joined a gym. This was the best decision I made in my life. 
At this gym, I found my trainer who years later would introduce me to ropeflow. I bought a Weck rope and started to learn. The first year I hit myself till I was black and blue and gave up a thousand times. But something inside me told me that the rope was important to me, so I would always come back to the rope.
Having a frozen shoulder once means that unless you know what you are doing (and I didn't) you will compensate because you are always left with limited range of movement on the shoulder that froze. This compensation translates into more injuries down the road. So I faced another shoulder injury after some time. I couldn't do anything except ropeflow. Yet the rope I had was heavy and clunky. I was afraid that it was hurting more than helping. I thus went searching until I found the Way of the Rope Piccolo. 
I ordered the Piccolo in June of 2021 and enrolled in the Foundations course which finally unlocked many of the foundational patterns that had been evading me. The light Piccolo also helped me not be afraid of getting hit when learning new patterns. I used the Piccolo every day. This rope taught me how to be gentle with myself. Eventually the pain became just a sensation, and the sensation in the end disappeared. I used the Piccolo exclusively for a couple of months and tested with heavier ropes from time tio time until finally I could see that my shoulder had healed.
I have found that the key of healing is to keep moving, but to do the right kind of moves and use the proper tools. For me Ropeflow has been key in restoring the mobility of my shoulders and preventing re-injury. My range of motion is almost equal in both shoulders, which is amazing given where I started. Whenever I do something stupid and I feel sensation in my shoulders, I immediately focus on just ropeflow and within days the sensation disappears. Piccolo was and still is my healing and shoulder restoration tool of choice. It is also the one rope I grab when I am learning any new moves.
Have a great day!!!!!
Lizette Pirtle



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Feet are the bridge between our body and the Earth. They may just need to be the strongest link in the chain and yet for many of us due to modern comforts they have become the weakest. This is a course designed to stabilise, strengthen, realign and re-tension humans at our very foundations.

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