The cost of anything IS relative.

What a customer pays though the price may look the same is actually entirely unique to everyone.

Everybody earns a different wage, has different cost of living, has different priorities etc. 

And then as well as that then the Value Received will be different from person to person.


Everybody has a different daily/monthly income. Some people earn a steady salary, some people live on tips, others on commission. Some are self employed. Others may have recently left their job to pursue their passion or maybe the company they worked for just went under and they lost their job.


Everybody has a different cost of living. We all know that rent, bills, food etc costs can vary dramatically from country to country and even city to city. So everyone has different expenses coming out of their accounts each month.

There are single parents with children to look after, feed and raise on their own while where costs increase dramatically. While others may live as a couple in a single bedroom house where they can share many of the costs. 


Some people may buy the cheapest food each month while spending the same amount on alcohol and a full spectrum TV package.

While others may buy only organic produce and have a gym membership.

What each person values as worthy of spending money on is relative to the personal desires.

Thats just a few examples of things that make prices different from person to person.

Let's break it down a little more...

Say Person A earns £1500 per month but lives along and values health highly . They pay £700 on rent and £300 on food and gym.

Person B earns the same £1500 but lives with a partner/flatmate and spends £350 on rent and £150 on food and tv each month.

Person A only has £500 spare each month to either save or spend on themselves in other ways.

Person B has £1000 spare to save or invest on themselves in other ways.

So a £50 rope costs person A 10% of their monthly allowance and person B only 5% of their monthly allowance. So in a way the cost of a Rope to Person A is twice as much as it is to Person B so the price is more expensive.

That is just one example. Imagine people with different incomes or even with different stability of income (e.g. self employed) then there is even more feeling of risk involved in the price of anything. Or people living in certain parts of the world where the average wage and strength of currency is less strong then others.

Then on top of all that there is the Value received from the product purchased.

Someone might be a billionaire but not care to swing a rope so to them it's worth £0. Someone might only have a tiny bit of money but they try rope flow and it brings them so much enjoyment for years on end that it's worth near everything they have saved

Then to override all that there is also the belief/Truth that some carry that God provides everything in abundance and it's on us to align with Him and His Laws in order to access that abundance. And in such instance it doesn't matter what anyone earns at anytime it the emotion you carry around money that matters as to wether you attract it. And that how you spend it (what emotions drive you to purchase what items) may even affect how you attract it in the future.





Dont want people to buy out of fear or pain (marketting tactic).


Law of Attraction

God provides everything for free, in abundance, personal and collective attitudes and heartfelt beliefs that affect it.



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