Our Vision

We believe that we (the Human race) are living far from our true potential and the original intention we were designed for by our Creator.

Our aim is to highlight and share methods we find value in, to assist you on your journey of healing and self cultivation, so that we may start to truly discover (or rediscover) what it really means to be Human.



Our Practises

There are 3 primary practises we focus on: Introspection, Cultivation and Creation.

We heal through introspection and emotional processing; we work on our personal development through the cultivation of self; and finally we take action and work to create the world we desire.

Our logo: Introspection Man.

The Hood over the eyes represents introspection and looking inwards.

The North Star overhead represents a fixed point all humans have looked to in the past (and future) to guide their way. This also metaphorically represent the ultimate dream or goal we each carry; Heaven on Earth, Celestial Ambitions etc.

The question mark collar is encouragement to always ask questions and to stay open to unexpected answers and truths.

And the gentle smile shows our humble hope for the future.

Thanks for your time in reading.




The Outside Edge

Feet are the bridge between our body and the Earth. They may just need to be the strongest link in the chain and yet for many of us due to modern comforts they have become the weakest. This is a course designed to stabilise, strengthen, realign and re-tension humans at our very foundations.

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The Outside Edge