Mindful Warrior – Movement Course
Mindful Warrior – Movement Course

Movement Course

Mindful Warrior


Movement Course

Mindful Warrior



Full access to my Mindful Warrior 5-part course. For people of all levels.

Building strength in the body and the mind whilst moving mindfully. A course for all levels, if you have a body you will be able to take part and feel better from it.


2 Stair Workouts (upper and lower body)
Floor Full Body Workout (animal movements)
Bench/Block Workout
Bar Workout (hanging movements)
Overview and principals of movement.
PDF Guide Book

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF containing links view or download the full course. 

Check out a sample of the workouts here.


So happy I bought into this. Apart from the philosophy and the knowledge being so perfectly on point and balance, you and your blessed team have done a remarkable job of the cinematography and audio. Every video is a true delight to watch and learn from. This is the perfect work/play that us wee humans so need, to reactivate ... timeless, respect. Its like being a Child again :D

Jack Cattran


Thank you Tim! I'm going through a major healing phase for my spine and really my whole body right now. And these workouts have already helped me. My knee already feels less weird and clicky after the first stair workout and my shoulder is feeling better today after the hanging. Plus it really does feel great for the spine too!

Alexander Weeks


Hey Tim! I have been following you for a while on youtube - I love your passion for life, your philosophy on training and your dedication to your body. All of these workouts are so fun to complete that it is easy to spend hours training without building any mental fatigue or feeling like you are "working out" to achieve some superficial goal. With mindfulness as the main intention it is easy to find enjoyment in every detail of every movement. Thank you for sharing this program with us :) I look forward to Vol. 2 in the future! Cheers, Luke

Luke Russell


Thank you so much Tim, You are a really big inspiration to me. When I saw your product there was no doubt in my mind I was going to get it. And I'm glad I did, the way you bring your philosophy and these lessons in such an enthusiastic and playful way makes it a blast to do these movements. The world is one big playground now! Again, thanks you so much bro, wish you the best! Looking forward to your next product.

Boris Bijl

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