I don't feel it needs to be said but we should take care of our great friend and carer Mother Earth. Owning and running a business I cannot help but ask myself questions especially as it grows about what potential negative impacts we could be having on her so I've made this page to list some of the measures I've put in place to work on it.

So what are the impacts?

Well the biggest and most obvious one is the ropes that we produce and sell. Secondly the packaging we use for them and thirdly the Transportation of goods from me to you. 


We are in the process of moving all of our Ropes to be made 100% out of recycled materials. They are just as pretty with all of their functionality and lot less impact.

We aim to have this done by Spring 2023.


We use Eco-Friendly carbon neutral, recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging.


Each order you make a contribution can be made to a eco charity to either plant trees or counter pollution in another way.


The Outside Edge

Feet are the bridge between our body and the Earth. They may just need to be the strongest link in the chain and yet for many of us due to modern comforts they have become the weakest. This is a course designed to stabilise, strengthen, realign and re-tension humans at our very foundations.

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The Outside Edge