Keto Fuel by APE

My favourite natural ingredient, organic, low carb, delicious snack bar from APE. I eat them from the freezer for maximum pleasure.

Code: Humantimothy


Medicinal Mushrooms by ENRICHD & Nyishar

A whole kingdom of itself, these are magical!

I use Reishi Daily, Chaga and Lions Mane most days and Cordyceps several times a week.

I simply mix these products with hot water (and sometimes a nut milk)


More info from my favourite youtuber on the matter, Nyishar talking about Reishi (the Queen of Mushrooms):

I use tinctures from him for maximum quality, potency and environmental considerations:

Youngevity 90 Essential Nutrients

There are apparently 90 nutrients that are essential for the human body.

You can get them all from Youngevity  

I take the Daily 90 Pack in Liquid form.

More info from Dr Wallach himself, founder of the protocol and author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie.



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Amazing biomechanic tool!

Been roping since the day I got it! It has improved my overall movement and especially my boxing skills! I´ve also lost bodyfat and gotten more mobility in my shoulders, and this is only from an average of 5 minutes a day.

Kent K

What people have to say