Divine Truth

Some of my favourite content from DT..


Overview of Divine Truth – Secrets of the Universe.

The one that got it all started..



Sleep State

Fascinating talk explaining what really happens to us during our Sleep State:



The Mother Taboo

Jesus dropping truth on how Mothers cause emotional injuries to their children:



Spirit Possession

Jesus on Spirit Possession, very powerful knowledge to be aware how spirits may attach and influence us:



The Way – a relationship with God

The Key to progression and Soul Development:



Soul Causes of Physical Illness

Jesus on the primary cause of all Physical Illness from Injuries in the Soul and how we focus on dealing with effects so much but never the cause until we address the supressed emotions:



21st Century Jesus interviewed about his 1st century Life

Fascinating story! What was true from the Bible and what wasn’t:



Processing Addictions:




Conversations with Spirits from the Spirit Realm

These talks may seem strange to view early on but as you start to understand the bigger picture of how things work between the earth and the spirit realm they soon become very enjoyable and fascinating to listen to.


Jesus speaks with Tzo a 6th Sphere Buddhist monk of 2300 years and introduces him to Divine Love to astounding effect:



Jesus speaks to Alberto, a 4th sphere Mexican man who is investigating the truth about further progression at the suggestion of a brighter spirit:



Advice from Spirits with ‘harsh’ Truths about why you might not be progressing on the Divine Truth path:



Emotional journey as Jesus guides Phillipa an earth bound woman who is involved in 'healing' practices on the earth, onto the path of recieving Divine Love.



Written Texts from Jesus/AJ


Qualities of Truth:



Facing Personal Truth:



Receiving Divine Love



Emotional Clearing






A prayer written by Jesus in the 1st century:



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Amazing biomechanic tool!

Been roping since the day I got it! It has improved my overall movement and especially my boxing skills! I´ve also lost bodyfat and gotten more mobility in my shoulders, and this is only from an average of 5 minutes a day.

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