ProPulse® Speed Trainers 12oz


ProPulse® Speed Trainers 12oz



ProPulse® Speed Trainers 12oz



ProPulse® Speed Trainers work by providing an answer to a simple set of questions:
What do you do with your upper body when you run? 
Are you using your upper body to generate more power, efficiency, and balance?
Or are you making your legs do all the work and carry your upper body?"


Traditional running instruction does not teach you how to use your upper body to generate more power and greater efficiency. Your upper body (head, arms, hands, trunk) account for approximately 60% of your entire body, legs making up approximately 40%.  Why wouldn't you put that 60% to work?


ProPulse® Speed Trainers teach you how to “Pulse" your arms in a downward motion as opposed to swinging your arms one at a time in an upward motion. This downward “pulsing" effect takes the energy from the upper body and transfers it through your lower body - decreasing the workload on your legs and increasing your power by giving you more efficiency and better overall balance.

How They Work

The shifting weight inside the ProPulse® Speed Trainers teaches you how to perfect the “Pulsing" technique. The weight shifts upward as you move your arm down. You can launch into the your next stride by decreasing your time on the ground and synchronize your stride, so you can both hear and feel the technique taking effect. If it sounds right, it is right.

 It feels easier to run faster and longer with the ProPulse® Speed Trainers in your hands. 


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Andreas C.
Finland Finland

Lighting in a bottle!

A simple, yet very effective tool that can be used to maximise upper body efficiency and power for sprinting, jumping, punching and any athletic type of movements. Overall they are a game changer for taking performance to the next level!

Roger H.
United States United States

What a great series of courses and what a wonderful teacher

Been searching for the right rope courses on this limited subject on the internet, finally I came across Tim`s . Love the way how he moves the rope and how he explains the movements. Course 4 is a must have for all the coaches and serious practitioners! So much in depth explanations on why and how.. So awesome!! Thank you! Keep following Roger H

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